Arizona Lifestyles: Horse Properties

Everywhere you go in Arizona… there are horses. In fact there are more horses in Maricopa County than there are total in some Southwestern states! Arabians are predominate in the North – Scottsdale is THE circuit! If rodeos are your pace, head towards Gilbert, Florence or Coolidge! If you’re interested in a rambling ranchette… be prepared to drop about $500,000. The base price on most lots starts at about $50,000 per acre (you will be limited to 2 horses per acre in most areas) and goes up from there.

Real Estate Horse Ranches

You can find less expensive properties by going way out west of Phoenix about 40 miles. However, there is a good possibility you may need to truck in water. Water rights in Arizona are like air rights in New York City! In fact the Southeast borders of Pinal and Maricopa County have been trucking in water for crops for years – not to mention the new golf course out there! (Just kidding, they are using ground water for the golf course.) That area is best suited for those who want to stay on the outskirts for at least 5 years (you’d think 10 but the growth just doesn’t slow that quickly).

Presently, there are about 1,200 horse-privileged properties available per every 15 mile by 15 mile area. In any sector, only about 200 horse-privileged properties are on the market at any given time, in a variety of different price ranges.

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Contact Arizona Real Estate Lifestyles for a customized report suited to your Equestrian needs. We even work with Home Owner Associations that offer a common barn, hot walkers, equestrian trails, lessons, and more. Did you know that we have equestrian parks for riding your horse? We have dog parks too!