Links for Arizona Buyers or Renters

Arizona Buyer Advisory:
This has all kinds of information pertinant to individuals looking to buy Arizona real estate – you might want to save this to your favorites!

Inside the above link you will find all the information listed below, plus more!

Arizona Incentives for Renewable Energy

This is a “Arizona Sellers Property Disclosure Statement”

Here you will find information about CC&R’s
Covenants, conditions & restrictions in your home owners association.

What does the HOA need to send you in regarding a condominium?

What does the HOA need to send you for new homes and resales?

Title Issues & Topics

When buying five or fewer parcels of land, here is the affidavit needed:

Lead Based Paint Information

Maricopa County Assessor

All Arizona County Assessor’s Offices

Home Inspections are EXTREMELY important – this is a huge investment!

What you should know about wood infestation reports (alias termite reports!)

Hiring an Arizona licensed contractor, what you should know!

Pools & Spas

Pool Barriers

Arizona Pool Barrier Rules

Arizona Pool Barrier Law

Arizona Septic Tanks & Alternative Systems

Licensed certified appraisers to verify square footage for new buyers.

Arizona Architects are here:

Arizona Expansive soil conditions? If you are concerned, go here! (search shrink/swell) (geologic hazards) (certified engineers)

Arizona septic transfer requirements:

Scorpions, look here:

Roof Rats, look here:

Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Mold and Air quality

Learn all about the Arizona environment, this is an awesome site!

Arizona Flood areas (FEMA stands for the Federal Emergency Management Act)

Worried about property boundaries? Call a surveyor:

Want to know about a neighborhood?

Arizona Federal Superfund sites:

Arizona Roads & Arizona Freeways:

Arizona Crime:

All Arizona City Websites:

Arizona Registered Sex Offenders:

Arizona Airports:

Arizona Schools:

10 Steps to home ownership!

Arizona Census & Statistics

Arizona Census & Statistics Website:

City Links

Homeowners Association Numbers and Links

State of Arizona Info

US Environmental Protection Agency

Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles: